With weddings becoming more glamorous events worldwide, the Essex County is nowhere behind in experimenting with newer ideas of dressing, venue decoration using different colours as well as photoshoots.  The definition of a wedding theme is no longer limited to dress codes. It now relates to the wedding destination, the theme colours and the props used for the photography.

In Essex County, the bride and grooms and the wedding organisers have been choosing a variety of themes. Here, the wedding photographer also has a big role to play.

Rosy, greyish or nostalgia style, or moonlit is the best-chosen wedding themes in Essex County off late. These have become specifically popular in the area and wedding photographers have also been in love with these themes while capturing the best shots of bride, grooms and the gathering.

1. The Rosy Theme

The rosy theme that makes use of the reddish or pinkish look sees the bridesmaids often dressed up in deep red or pink and even the decorations at the open outdoor venues wear the same colours. The wedding photographers also add the same theme colour and shades in the pictures to keep up with the theme.

2. The Gray or Nostalgic Theme

The grey or nostalgic themes make the pictures look more in shades of black and white but speak volumes of the best memories. They appear better when looked at a later stage in life. Most couples are foresighted and hence choose this theme for their wedding and photoshoot.

3. The Golden Theme

The golden theme makes use of a lot of yellow and golden colour. The pictures also wear a chrome, goldens look to give a royal look to the wedding.

4. The Moonlight Theme

The moonlight theme is not a very commonly chosen one as it plays a contrast of light and dark. It comes with the risk of making the photographs appear dull and less lively. However, some couples prefer the soothing look this theme carries.

5. Bright and Sunny Theme

The last is the bright and sunny natural theme that sees the gathering dressed up in conventional colours and the pictures appear in the most natural form. Here, the wedding photographer makes use of the best equipment to make the pictures look most natural and lively.

The concept of wedding themes is fast catching up and you can get more ideas and suggestions from wedding planners in the area. While the idea may appear difficult to conform to by everyone since guests will be tasked to wear certain colours, the photography pleases them when the grand look of dress code and themes is served to them later.

Themes also have an edge over regular weddings as they balance out colours and make the bride and groom stand out in pictures well. In absence of themes, the wide variety in dress colours can often overshadow the dresses of the bride and the groom.

Flowers play a very important role in setting the themes for the wedding photoshoots. It is hence, very important for the bride and groom to keep all planners and wedding photographers sit together and plan the themes well in advance.  A wedding photographer like Rick Helman who has a superb portfolio for wedding coverage can help you come up with themes and ideas.