How to Control Outdoor Lighting for Wedding Shoots

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The Essex County, New Jersey, known for its beautiful outdoor partying destinations is a hub for outdoor weddings.

This puts wedding photographers mostly outdoors to cover prenups and wedding ceremonies. While shooting outdoors by breaking the barriers and limitations of indoor formal wedding settings could be a thrilling idea, there are a lot of things wedding photographer needs to work on to come up with the best photos.

Though the sun is the best source of light outdoors for capturing the right picture, a photographer needs to control the amount of sunlight falling on to the objects. Also, since weather can be very unpredictable, there shouldn’t be any time wasted should the sun decide to hide during the shoot. Sometimes, the natural light can be too intense or too low which is why wedding photographers need to prepare for such events.

Here are some equipment a photographer can bank on when natural light is just not working to your favor.

1. On- Camera TTL Flash

This enhances the existing light and strikes a balance for the volume of light required for the shoot.

2. Light Reflectors

Since outdoor photography requires fillers and supplementary gears to cover up shadows, mellow down intense sunlight and open shades for covering the light from the top, light reflectors of different sizes are needed. These are available in shades of white, silver and gold –to meet the requirement of the lights depending upon the colour of outfit.

3. Battery Powered Studio Flash System

Battery powered studio flash systems are another tool for controlling dim lights. Here, the size of the flashlight matters. The power of the system will vary depending upon the number of persons included in the picture. For covering large groups, like friends and family together, flash systems with 1000 to 2000 watt/ seconds would be required.

4. TTL Flash Light Modifiers

TTL flash light modifiers are the next requirement of a wedding photographer. These modifiers control the hard-edged look by diffusing the excess light and softening the light of the flash gun. The diffusers spread the range of light coming in from artificial sources.

5. On-Camera Flash

The on-camera flash is the most vital tool for a wedding photographer when shooting outdoors. It can effectively soften shadows, light up the background subjects and underplay the distraction in the background.

To save time, a wedding photographer can keep these shoe-mounted flashguns always attached to the top of the camera. They need to be locked in to function effectively and not let you down after a tiring and extended photo shoot. These dedicated flashguns come with flash reflectors that have the capacity to zoom in and out to meet the requirement of the specific photo angle you want to cover. The capacity of these flashguns can range from 28mm to 105mm and even be extended further. This brings an edge-to-edge illumination to make the bride and groom look like stars.

Not everyone approves of shoe-mounted flashguns since cameras have built-ins but you can read more about built-in vs. shoe mounted.

No matter how beautiful a wedding looked on the wedding day and those who witness the wedding capture those images permanently well in their eyes. All those memories could go down the drain after a couple of months. If a wedding photographer does his job well, you can immortalize those precious wedding moments. This is how important a wedding photographer’s job is which is why choosing the best tools is important. To see outdoor photos taken with the right equipment, you can view wedding albums taken by a great outdoor wedding photographer.

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5 Unique Wedding Themes Captured in Essex County

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With weddings becoming more glamorous events worldwide, the Essex County is nowhere behind in experimenting with newer ideas of dressing, venue decoration using different colours as well as photoshoots.  The definition of a wedding theme is no longer limited to dress codes. It now relates to the wedding destination, the theme colours and the props used for the photography.

In Essex County, the bride and grooms and the wedding organisers have been choosing a variety of themes. Here, the wedding photographer also has a big role to play.

Rosy, greyish or nostalgia style, or moonlit is the best-chosen wedding themes in Essex County off late. These have become specifically popular in the area and wedding photographers have also been in love with these themes while capturing the best shots of bride, grooms and the gathering.

1. The Rosy Theme

The rosy theme that makes use of the reddish or pinkish look sees the bridesmaids often dressed up in deep red or pink and even the decorations at the open outdoor venues wear the same colours. The wedding photographers also add the same theme colour and shades in the pictures to keep up with the theme.

2. The Gray or Nostalgic Theme

The grey or nostalgic themes make the pictures look more in shades of black and white but speak volumes of the best memories. They appear better when looked at a later stage in life. Most couples are foresighted and hence choose this theme for their wedding and photoshoot.

3. The Golden Theme

The golden theme makes use of a lot of yellow and golden colour. The pictures also wear a chrome, goldens look to give a royal look to the wedding.

4. The Moonlight Theme

The moonlight theme is not a very commonly chosen one as it plays a contrast of light and dark. It comes with the risk of making the photographs appear dull and less lively. However, some couples prefer the soothing look this theme carries.

5. Bright and Sunny Theme

The last is the bright and sunny natural theme that sees the gathering dressed up in conventional colours and the pictures appear in the most natural form. Here, the wedding photographer makes use of the best equipment to make the pictures look most natural and lively.

The concept of wedding themes is fast catching up and you can get more ideas and suggestions from wedding planners in the area. While the idea may appear difficult to conform to by everyone since guests will be tasked to wear certain colours, the photography pleases them when the grand look of dress code and themes is served to them later.

Themes also have an edge over regular weddings as they balance out colours and make the bride and groom stand out in pictures well. In absence of themes, the wide variety in dress colours can often overshadow the dresses of the bride and the groom.

Flowers play a very important role in setting the themes for the wedding photoshoots. It is hence, very important for the bride and groom to keep all planners and wedding photographers sit together and plan the themes well in advance.  A wedding photographer like Rick Helman who has a superb portfolio for wedding coverage can help you come up with themes and ideas.

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Outdoor Lighting Guide for Wedding Photographers

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Rich in beautiful outdoor locations like Great fall of Paterson, Sandy Hook/Fort Hancock, Cape May and many more, the Essex County, New Jersey, is witnessing a rising craze for outdoor wedding photo shoot among the residents.

The trend not only has changed the face of photography by bringing a major contrast in the pictures that finally appear in the wedding album but also added to the challenges a wedding photographer faces in achieving the best.

The demands of an outdoor photo shoot vary widely with that of indoor wedding photography. As a wedding photographer, hence, you need to widen your horizon in terms of practice, homework and equipment base.

In fact, a whole extended team is required for making outdoor photography a success for the wedding photographers. It is imperative for every wedding photographer to follow the guide for achieving excellence. For an outdoor wedding photoshoot, you need to have a whole set of equipment that enhance and diffuse the light to reflect the objects bright and perfect for the picture. (Read: How to Control Outdoor Lighting for Wedding Shoots)

While an on-camera flash is a key denominator for a wedding photographer, especially while shooting outdoors, there is a lot more you need to carry for the perfect shots. Despite all the brightness present in the natural outdoor light, a camera will always have limitations to cover the shadows. A flash light mounting over your camera is the solution to light up those shadows.

These flashlights also termed as speed lights can help you when going off the venue for special portraits and adjusts the lights as per needs of the best shot.

Light modifiers will be your next requirement for shooting outdoors. These light modifiers constitute bouncers, softboxes, shell-like scoops, domes and others. The softboxes work by softening and evenly spreading the light. They compliment the facial tones and capture the details in the dress worn by the objects in the picture.

Understanding the basics of natural light is also a requirement for a wedding photographer. Not every wedding photographer, each time would be fortunate enough to get to shoot with the best of natural light. On a bright sunny day even, it’s common that colours of outfits appear different in picture. For instance, white colour, in natural light, will appear more like blue. These can only be controlled using reflectors.

The next requirement is a bracket. A flash bracket is the tool used for dropping the shadows over the objects. It brings down the risks of the eye appearing red when shot in low light. This bracket and its flash are unaffected with the changing directions of the camera—whether horizontal or vertical.

Additional lights, even on a bright sunny day, may sometimes be required to light up darker background or to strike a balance. The facial features can sometimes be shadowed and it is important to delineate those using extra lights. These lights are often called fill lights.

Sun bounces are the latest addition to the proper equipment of outdoor photography. The product works by diffusing the extra light of the sun and controls the objects from appearing extra ordinarily whiter due to the light. It retains the original skin colour in the picture and brings the perfect contrast with the white dress of the bride.

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5 Tips To Look Great In Your Wedding Photographs

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Wedding photographs are usually a big deal. While everyone will have fun at the wedding when it comes to remembering the actual day, our memory gets foggy with time (even though I would say that alcohol has something to do with it, too). Nonetheless, everyone would like to look their best on this day, starting with the bride and the groom, but also all the wedding guests too would like to have the best photographs of them taken on a wedding. Here’s how to make the most of wedding photographs and look your best on wedding photographs!bridal_fashion_ideas

1. Strike A Pose

It is always good to practice a little bit at home in front of a mirror. This will be much useful when the moment comes to take photographs. Make the most of your dress (or suit) and learn how to stand, what to do with your hands and how to smile. Also, you can practice where to place your purse or bouquet and where to gaze in order to look cute and appear great in wedding photographs.11822682_10153208214669285_361709521389304693_n

2. Act Natural

Another great tip is just to act natural. But you should still pay attention to your posture and make sure you don’t have a wardrobe malfunction, a weird stain or something on your face! Being yourself will definitely make look like yourself and genuine in wedding photographs. Still, you shouldn’t worry too much about photographs and you should take some time to have fun time, too! Some amazing photographs will come out of you natural behavior while you are just having fun, believe me!


3. Ignore The Camera

Ignoring the camera is another great tip to look your best at wedding photographs. Also, you will avoid the crazy eyes and the stare which people sometime get if they focus themselves too much on the camera. Leave it to the photographer since they are the professionals. Meanwhile, you should have fun at the wedding and stop stressing out about photographs. Furthermore, since the photographer will take so many photographs and weed out the bad ones, you can be assured that you will only end up with great photos!

Wedding Photography Ideas

4. Don’t Forget To Blink!

If you keep closing your eyes in photographs you might want to blink before a group photograph. Also, keep gazing in the distance, that way you will be less likely to blink and close your eyes in the photograph.

5. Take The Pressure Off!

To take the pressure off you can tell a joke before taking a photograph. This will help everyone in the photo to relax and make them smile in the pic. Also, if you are a bride or the groom you can relieve the pressure by hiring the same wedding photographer prior to your wedding day, for example you can hire them to do your proposal photographs. This will make you much more relaxed when it comes to your wedding day!


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